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Jim's 1950 Chevy Truck

(click thumbnails for larger picture)

The process begins by lifting body off and storing outside the garage

Bed removed, 12 bolt sent to pasture

Ford 9" from '70 pick-up truck

Need posi and gears for this thing.



Rear end in place

Ready to measure for wheel and tire combo and

Cragar 15 X 8 and 15 X 6 Street Star Wheels

BFG's 275/60RX15 (rear) 205/60RV15 (Front)

Moser rear axles that were needed to shorten 9" to 58" overall

The next few pics show mock-up of position of bars and brackets

Will need to make some adjustments due to moving the bars "inside" the frame rails


Dropped mounting bar 2.5" for a lower stance.

Fabbed tranny mount of 1" X 3" tubing.

Go to page 3 for progress

    Jim Boehly  2005