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Dual Master Cylinder Installation

Here's the HOW-TO on replacing the stock master cylinder (1956 Chevy) with a later model dual m/c (remanufactured).
DISCLAIMER - The following is intended to describe one alternative for improving the brake system on a motor vehicle for less than $40.00. Mechanical ability is a requirement, and should only be attempted if you are experienced in automotive brake repairs. Remember, they must work 100% of the time to stop your vehicle!
Parts needed for the conversion: cost
Master Cyl. 1968 Chevelle (drum/drum) $24.99
(1) 9/16 to 1/4 Brass Brake Adapter (A) $2.79
(1) 1/2 to 3/16 Brass Brake Adapter (B) $1.69
(2) 3/16 X 3/16 Brass Union @ $.79 ea (C) $1.58
(1) 3/16 Brass Plug (D) $.79
(2) 3/16 X 40" Steel Brake Line @ $1.99ea $3.98
(1) 1/4 X 30" Steel Brake Line $2.29
TOTAL HARDWARE + 8% NYS Tax $38.11

Step 1
- Before disconnecting anything, degrease and remove any dirt, grease etc from threaded areas. This makes the disassembly easier and prevents debris from entering the system. 
Step 2- Remove old master cylinder and prepare the area. Be sure to remove the "rod" from the pedal, and save for use later. Now would be a good time to detail the firewall if the motor is out. brake10.jpg (31335 bytes)
Step 3- Attach the m/c to firewall for test fitting of the new lines. It will be removed later, so no need to tighten too tight.  
Step 4- Disconnect the line going to the rear brakes at Tee on passenger side. Install the 3/16 plug in the Tee. brake7.jpg (27582 bytes)
Step 5- Using the 3/16 unions, run 3/16 line from the fitting that was removed from the Tee, along frame and crossmember, towards the m/c. Using a tubing bender to avoid kinking the soft steel line. brake8.jpg (43969 bytes)
Step 6- Terminate the end of the line to one of the ports on the m/c.  Neatly coil the tubing to allow for the extra length of tubing. brake5.jpg (34288 bytes)
Step 7- Replace original line from stock master cyl to the Tee on drivers side with 1/4 X 30" steel line. Step 8- Remove m/c and bench bleed per instructions.
Step 9- Re-install the m/c and pedal "rod" Securely attach front and rear lines. Adjust the pedal for 1/2 to 3/4 inch free travel and tighten lock nut. Check all other fitting connections. Step 10- Adjust the brakes and bleed system. Check for leaks. Don't forget to test drive and check proper pedal operation before hitting the freeway.


    Jim Boehly  2006